About Me

I’m not very good-looking or smart or particularly interesting. I’d like to think of myself as funny but I’m not quick-witted enough. I do tell a pretty good story, though. Very animated. If “sassy” weren’t such a coded word, I’d use that to describe myself but, ::neck roll:: no.

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with this site. For about 10 years it’s simply been a landing page directing people to my Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter accounts. I was all about buying up myname.coms even if I had no real use for them. I am THE Kia Matthews (and THE Nakia Matthews, as well) and ain’t no other imposters gonna take my URLs! What a ridiculous first-world concern. Anyway.

I sometimes miss long form writing, though my life isn’t nearly as exciting as it was when I was composing daily posts about the horrors of online dating. Tumblr was my internet ‘hood for a very long time, but the site has changed into something that’s not for me. Please note my evasion of the truth, which is: I got old. Nah, not really. After all, I’m technically a Millenial so….

I suppose what you’ll find here is whatever I feel like talking about or creating, since ya girl is definitely into crafts now.

Old Stuff I’ve Written that’s housed on tumblr and I don’t feel like moving over: